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MWAID is partnering with other organizations in the fight to spread the word and raise awareness about AutoImmunity--a category disease.

As one of the nation’s organization dedicated to bringing a national focus to autoimmunity as a category of disease and a major women’s health issue, AARDA is working hard on several fronts to raise awareness, including:


1. Recognizing autoimmunity as a “category” of disease. If the public and medical practitioners were more aware of the genetic predisposition to develop autoimmune disease, clearly there would be more emphasis on taking a medical history regarding autoimmune diseases within the family when presented by a patient with confusing symptoms. Young women, especially, are often not taken seriously when they first begin consulting their doctors for their vague symptoms and are often shunted from specialist to specialist.

2. Increasing public education about autoimmunity and autoimmune disease. Every five years, AARDA conducts a national public opinion poll gauging Americans awareness of AD. The latest survey (2013) indicates greater awareness is still sorely needed. The good news is that over the last decade, Americans’ ability to name and AD has jumped by nearly 10 percent. The bad news, though, is that overall less than one in five Americans — or 15 percent — can name an AD.